Criminal Court Blues

I had a case set for trial today.

It should have gone. I was ready, the DA was ready, the case was two years old.
Alas, no trial parts.

My client, a hard-working woman who has never has so much as a traffic ticket in her 45 years on this earth, is charged with resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration. Her crime? Repeatedly asking a cop involved in arresting her son, 'why are you arresting him?.' For this outrageous behavior, the cop, aptly named Roughneen (he claims it's pronounced ro-nin) throws my client to the ground, stomps on her and cuffs her.

To bring her back to a standing position, Rough-neen sees fit to lift her up by the little chain between the handcuffs. Oh--did I mention Rough-neen is about 6"3' and probably 260 pounds? He's huge--and sports a marine style haircut. Anyhow, beefcakes yanks her to her feet breaking her arm in three places and causing her permanant nerve damage.

And then, just to be safe, he arrests her and charges her with a crime.

And you wonder why I loathe a lot of these guys?

For two years this case has been kicking around. Thus far, the Bronx District Attorney's office has failed to dismiss.



Anonymous said...

That's outrageous. She's not countersuing for damages?

Anonymous said...

Very nice. Keep up the good work.