The Genius of The Feds Redux

Here's a good one: Let's appoint federal public defenders to represent two brothers alleged to be founders of the Cali drug cartel--the guys who supposedly smuggled 250 tons of cocaine into the US.

Why you reasonably ask should taxpayers foot the bill? Because the feds won't let them pay their lawyers claiming that everything they have is drug money and thus unavailable to pay legal fees. Genius.


Melissa said...

that sounds good in theory but if that money is being seized then ultimately the goods will go to government auction (for money) and the money will never be returned. So why shouldn't that money be used to pay for an attorney? oh wait innocent until proven guilty and if they are found not guilty then the government will owe them that money back.

But still. . . .

Anonymous said...

Yeah, they just fit the definition of indigence. Not the person who makes $300 a week and yet misses the cut. Heck, I can't afford private counsel right now and yet I make far too much to be assigned a PD (hypothetically, if I were to get arrested).

Now, what if these brothers tried to pay taxes, would the government recognize their money then?