It's Gotta Be the Shoes....

You gotta love this headline:
Flashy lawyers leave private practice for public defender jobs
Wonderful. Nice to see righteous PD work attracting good legal talent. But then, the first three paragraphs:

"Robert Hooker was hired to lead the Public Defender's Office, not dress it up, but the sartorially elegant Hooker believes in the power of appearances.

He moved his own leather chairs, Oriental rug, wood-slab desk and original artwork into a corner office at the county's Legal Services Building on Stone Avenue just north of Congress Street.
He'd like to bring a little style and fashion sense into the legal trenches of indigent defense, as a symbol of the professionalism he wants the office to project."

This is actually a great piece about improving indigent defense. But did the reporter and editor really have to go with the 'fancy suit' angle?

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