Movement in Montana

Proving the effacacy of lawsuits over indigent defense issues,: The Montana state legislature gave initial approval to a proposal to revamp the state's public defender system in hopes of improving representation for poor defendants and resolving a lawsuit over the current system.


P.D. Clerk said...

Since I noticed a comment on a post at my blog ( from somebody named "PD Life," I did a search on that phrase and ran into your site. (I originally posted my boring answer to your question in the Comments area where you asked it, since I didn't have any contact info.)

I have no idea how you found my blog; maybe through the search function at blogger? Regardless, I was pleased that a complete stranger had actually bothered to read me, if only for one post.

I'm really keeping the pdclerk blog out there as an exercise for myself, so that I never forget why I chose to make crap pay (I qualify for a public defender, should I ever need one) and commute an hour each way to and from the bad part of town when all my law school peers are at Greedy, Wealthy & Bastard making more money than they deserve and consoling/congratulating themselves with 11-dollar cocktails. I occasionally hope, schadenfreudishly, that they hate themselves and the corporate executives whom they help out of sexual harrassment suits and workers' comp claims, but I know better.

I told exactly two friends about my blog, mostly so I could bitch about my job without having to go back and explain all the background information to make clear exactly what it is that I'm bitching about. My friends were disappointed that I wasn't including any snarky commentary with the posts. I decided that the BS kind of speaks for itself, though.

I see that you're being published and write articles for places like Slate and have fancy friends who write articles in the New Yorker. This is obviously so impressive that I'm almost intimidated to post this message, but I'm going to do it anyway.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. If you come back, you might enjoy the latest post, in which a grandma with a cane grabs a cop's testicles. Gotta admire that spirit.

- P.D. Clerk

Indefensible said...

Sounds great.
On my way now...