Since You Asked...

It must have been that last Slate piece...

So having gotten several questions in the last few days about other stuff I've written, I've decided to post a quick list with links:

The New York Times Magazine:
How to Defend Someone You Know is Guilty
The Dark Side of Innocence

The LA Times Magazine:
The Supreme Beginner

Domestic Silence
Everyday Obstruction
Printing Problems
Public Offenders
Blue Hawaii
Pro-Se Can You See?
Radical Sheik
Stupid Syndrome Syndrome

The Washington Post Book World:
Finding the System Guilty: A Review of Courtroom 302

LA Times Op-Ed Page:
A Prison Without Hope

New York Times Op-Ed Page:
Defending Judge Duckman
Fatal Flaws in the Criminal Justice System
Jail Breaks
Put Down Your Gun

And that's it...
There are a few more magazine articles including Legal Affairs, Modern Bride, Lexus Magazine, and The Champion that can be found by clicking the links above or just going to my website.

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