Bad Cop!

The New York Times reports that::

"A police captain and 10 supervisors and detectives under him who investigated the department's narcotics, vice and auto crime detectives have been brought up on disciplinary charges, police officials said yesterday. They are accused in some cases of the same kinds of abuses they were responsible for tracking among other officers.

The administrative charges against the captain, six supervisors and four detectives - virtually every member of the Organized Crime Control Bureau Investigations Unit - were brought after an audit of the group last June, one official said."


Huh? What about criminal charges--these are the guys who monitor the guys who lock everyone else up. Shouldn't they be held to a higher, higher standard? Well, the answer, as it almost always is: no--they're gonna get a skate--because they're cops.

And so while any other citizen who did the same thing would be brought out in cuffs, these guys might have to retire on their generous police pensions.

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