Cannibal Lecter

I'm sure you've all been following the fantastic case of Armin the German Cannibal.

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The facts were never really in dispute: Armin ran an ad, seeking a man for slaughter. And lo and behold, some guy pipes up. They dine together on part of him, and then Armin kills him, freezes him and dines regularly upon what's left. He described it as "like taking communion."

Anyway-- Germany's highest court Wednesday reviewed prosecutors' requests that Armin be sentenced to life in prison instead of the eight-year term imposed by a judge.

Prosecutors said Meiwes killed to ''satisfy a sexual impulse.''

But Meiwes argued that the victim volunteered to be killed and eaten, so the case should be classified a mercy killing, which carries a maximum five-year penalty.

I dunno--yucky yes, but life? I don't think so--especially since the reason they want life is not because of the death but because he might have gotten a hard on during it?

Go ahead--eat me alive for this one!

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