Pro-Life Hypocrite..

Who knew?
that Randall Terry the nut-job operation rescue guy:

--Divorced his wife (for a 22 year old) while proclaiming the sanctity of marriage.

--Preaches the abomination of homosexuality while having a gay son (who he won't talk to).

--Has been arrested 40 times over abortion/pre-marital sex issues though both of his daughters have had pre-marital sex (one miscarried the other had two kids out of wedlock and became a muslim).

--Solicited donations from conservatives that he actually used to pay for his half-million dollar house. When confronted about that he explained he needed a home where "his family would be safe"

Some family Randy. You're a real model dad there. I really understand why you'd want America to look even more like your hypocritical, asinine kid-alienating, greedy self.

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