It's good to be me...

It's a pretty good bet that if I'm not fulminating about something, I'm probably eating. This maxim dictates that there will a decrease in the former and an increase in the latter this week. Why? I'm off to St. Louis and Kansas City to report a piece from Lexus Magazine about BBQ.

That's right, while you all go about your lives, I'll be driving a fancy car around Missouri spending four nights and eight meals eating nothing but pig, slow cooked in some of the best pits in the world. Yum.
I'll miss you all, and will try to post from the road.


Anonymous said...

You cannot spend all of that time eating pig. KC Bar BQ, which was mothers milk to me growing up, is primarily beef, not pork. BTW, you need to visit at least three places while in KC for BBQ: 1) A Gates BBQ establishment (there are several in KC); 2) KC Masterpiece, where the nationally-sold sauce was originally set forth - this is kind of a yuppie BBQ place; and 3) Arthur Bryants. Bryants is, according to Calvin Trillin, the best BBQ in the country. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I used to visit Bryants with my dad before we went to the Chiefs games while I was growing up.

I envy you.


Anonymous said...

I highly recommend hitting up a BBQ spot on Delmar Blvd, in the Central West End, near Union, more or less. It's owned by Freeman Bosley Jr., the former mayor of STL and is quite tasty. I forget the name, though.

Tom McKenna said...

Don't choke on the stuff, now. We wanna keep reading your paranoid, leftist, criminal-loving rants for many years to come!

Indefensible said...

HI Guys,
The hell with indigent defense--looks like BBQ get's way more comments.

I'm in Sedelia on the way to KC. Did KC Masterpiece in St. Louis, but missed the one Anon. suggested (opted for Phil's instead).

Gates and AB's are of course on the list--the burnt ends sandwich at AB's really is as close to heaven as I've ever been and (truth be told) was the reason I pitched this story in the first place--just needed an excuse to get back there.

And thanks Tom. Always glad to delight and amuse the vast right wing conspiracy. Fear not, I'm chewing carefully and patronizing (in the main) mom and pop places that haven't been driven out of business by the huge multinational corporations to whom your party caters.

Tom McKenna said...

As usual with the knee-jerk left (and many defense attorneys), you assume the worst about your ideological opposites. I hate to disappoint you, but I have little love for the spineless Republican party. They have, as you indicate, too often been interested in promoting the interests of their business cronies, often (as in the case of immigration)at the expense of truly conservative principles. As for your beloved Democrats, I couldn't stomach supporting a party of socialist wealth redistribution, government handouts, greivance politics, moral degeneracy, and killing the inconvenient (babies and the disabled).

As for me, I prefer the Constitution party (see,

By the way, when my Scout troop cooks up some of our BBQ, it's the best around!

Indefensible said...

Jerk I may be, but knee jerk I am not.
I do (justifiably I think) often assume the worst about my ideological opposites. But your argument is really that you're not quite my ideological opposite.

As for Moral degeneracy? Yours must be the peeping tom party, otherwise you'd neither know nor care what happens in my bedroom.

Wealth re-distribution? We don't do nearly enough of it--and that my friend is moral degeneracy.

Grievance politics? You ain't seen nothin.

Keep reading though...