The Steinbuch Stops Here...

So in a vain attempt to connect my prurient interest in little Bobby Steinbuch to something related to law or justice, I have decided to post
the actual complaint filed in the case.

Now I’ve looked over the claim and two things strike me: Why did he use a Clearwater Florida attorney named Jonathan Rosen, and why on earth did he only request $75,000?

Is having your intermittent tumescence revealed on the Internet and touted on blogs like this only worth $75,000? It seems strange to me that someone who passed the bar would actually shoot so low, particularly in light of the reputed $300,000 book advance Jessica swung from her month of sex blogging.

So could it be that Jonathan Rosen is a law school buddy of Bobby’s and this entire thing is a little tempest created for the sole purpose of pumping some much needed blood into Jessica’s flaccid Amazon rating (now hovering around 24,758th—a ranking that suggests that no-one is buying the book.



Anonymous said...

What it could be useful for?

Anonymous said...

Who said he only requested $75k? He requested unspecified compensatory and punitive damages and attorneys' fees, not $75k. The prayer for relief (last paragraph of the complaint) explains what he wants.