This is Little Bobby:

Below is some more info on Robert Steinbuch the republican who sued over his treatment in a confessional sex blog...

Now I admit to being a little squeamish about posting about this, and only partly because it has nothing to do with justice, or indigent defense.

The truth is, in her foul materialistic self involvement, Jessica Cutler (the aforesaid sex blogger) exemplifies much of what is wrong with America today--it's not the profligate sex (that's kind of hot) or even taking money for taking it up the ass (that's just pathetic) it's the confusion about the power of policy and the overriding sense that being a Washington insider with access to real political power is really just about nice outfits, shopping and getting laid--that is to say about her rather than us, about the governors rather than the governed. And that, my friends is what being a republican is all about.

So even though she worked in Joe Lieberman's office--it seems pretty clear she's at best, (not that we want her) a democrat in republican outfits and beds.

So if she's so foul, you reasonably ask, why spend more blog space on HIM?

Because as despicable as Jessica is, this limp dicked, sore looser actually was such a republican that instead of taking his sex lumps like a man (Man? Silly me. He was a wanna-be cop) he went crying to the court to get some m-o-n-e-y.

So without further ado here's the scoop on Robert Steinbuch:

He is a lawyer (Of course he is.)

He works for Mike DeWine ( A United States Senator for Ohio who bills himself as "one of the United States Senate’s strongest advocates in supporting efforts to protect the lives of unborn children.")

Kind of funny that Robert, who as you recall can't cum with a condom on, works for a guy looking to ban abortion...
(Better be careful Little Bobby your boss might make sure you get a baby mother soon)

He is also a part time ethics instructor. (Are you kidding me? On the ethics of what exactly?)

And He is an Associate Professorial Lecturer position in Law at the George Washington University School of Law. (Is that like the most pathetic title of all times? Really, he might as well wear a 'Moron' shirt--Associate lecturer? )

And...yes...the tidbit that makes the whole thing relevant (and get's me so excited I could just erupt, condom or no..)

"Prior to joining the IRS, Robert spent four years as a Trial and Appellate Attorney with the U.S. Department of Justice.


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