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Thanks to CrimLaw and Arb. and Cap.yet another object lesson in why I loathe prosecutors.

This from Claudia, (cleverly spelled Cleadeedeh) an Assistant DA in Las Vegas:
After blogging about a few important issues of the day such as "America's top Model" and Brittany Spears, Cleadeedeh goes on to discuss at some length, her dissatisfaction with the criminal justice system.

In this clever and insightful post, she is complaining about a defense attorney she describes as a "habitual liar" who "makes misrepresentations about victims to the judge." The big problem, though, is that she gets "a 6-month sentence cut in half, just by batting her eyelashes."

Say it ain't so!

This is ADA Cleadeedeh...

And this is a little bit of the (rather psychotic) rant that follows:

"As with all other shady, evil defense attorneys, I come back from court and share with my colleagues (fellow prosecutors) the extent of her (the particular defense lawyer she hates) treachery. This is nothing unusual. We all discuss defense attorneys' tricks. Knowledge, afterall, is power.

WELL, apparently trash-talking is not allowed when the defense attorney is juiced in w/ the judge. I was told by my boss today 1) that I needed to refrain from saying negative things about this defense attorney and 2) that I needed to go out to lunch with her and make friends with her.

I am aghast at both requests. While making nice is always a noble endeavor, the bigger picture is what is bothering me here. She didn't like what I was doing so she went behind my back TO MY BOSS and now he's strong-arming me into not doing what we all do with regard to every shady defense attorney that walks into our court. It's full-on prior restraint on my free speech.

I feel coerced. I feel threatened. I feel like she's flexing her muscles and trying to put me in my place. There are several right things to do with this scenario. I'm just trying to decide which is best:"

Oh No! Poor thing. She's coerced and threatened...
This woman is so inane it is hard to believe she graduated high-school notwithstanding law school.


Cladeedah said...

Hey, thanks for spending os much time fixating on me. You're awesome!!

Anonymous said...

I found this (rather old) post about your hatred for prosecutors, and I thought, "what a douchebag."

On the plus side, good job trying to look ultra serious in your blog photo.

Anonymous said...

THE only person in the entire justice system sworn to seek justice is the PROSECUTOR. If you are actually a defense attorney, then you are a Mouthpiece. You advocate what ever your client wants. Are their Prosecutors that are less than perfect? Yes, and they eventually become defense lawyers.

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