Riker's Race

Hey Great Idea! Let's run around Rikers!

Yes indeed, there is nothing quite like seeing the world's largest penal colony as a recreational opportunity.

Let's not ponder the question of why when crime rates are plummeting incarceration rates are still on the rise...oh no, instead, let's get some corrections officers and some awful upper east siders and have a little race.

Here's a little taste of the times's coverage of the Riker's race:

"The prison yards were empty, but cheers, jeers and obscenities could be faintly heard from narrow window openings. It was tame compared with years when prisoners would heckle and cheer enthusiastically, said Paul Epstein, 33, a corporate lawyer from the Upper East Side who was running the race for the fourth time.

'One year, they were really cursing us out, so I ran like this to get them back,' he said, putting his hands behind his back, as if cuffed. 'I didn't hear much after that.'

His cousin, David Epstein, 64, a real estate broker from Manhattan, said he had run the race about six times. He said he enjoyed visiting prisons around the world and jogging around them."

Are you kidding? What's wrong with these people?

Hey, Paul Epstein--it's very cool for a corporate lawyer to be mocking poor black incarcerated people. That's really hip--and a fair fight too: you're running around with a bunch of CO's and they're inside cages--try being that smug in the South Bronx you moron.

All I can say, is that I truly hope imbeciles like the Epstein brothers someday get to watch the race from the other side of the walls.

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