PD Kicks Ass Get's Contempt Citation Lifted

Judge Conrad Backs down...

After an appellate court told the Judge and the PD to mediate the criminal case out of court to avoid "the potential for embarrassment to all of those involved that might arise from a published opinion in this case," Judge Richard Conrad issued an opinion saying the contempt order against PD William Mote was "vacated and set aside." (Mote spent two days in jail)

Now as one who has been banned for life from a courtroom (read all about it here) and very nearly held in contempt on several occasions, it's hard to describe how good this makes me feel. And even though it sounds like the PD was being a bit foolish, my guess is that to get someone to feel the steel, the judge must have been being a colossal ass as well.

So way to go Mr. Mote! Hang tough and keep fighting the power.

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