Leash Girl Cops Out (Not!)

Yes indeed, it's a mistrial thanks to Charles Graner, the Lothorio of Abu Ghraib (he's already impregnated England, boned someone else and married a fellow inmate).

Eeeew what was she thinking?
Who would sleep with THAT GUY?
(Thanks to Anony. my original post was a bit of a generalization--)


Anonymous said...

ouch..just a wee bit of a generalization...England is 22, young and obviously impressionable..her choice of this brute as a partner does not represent that of all women, and who really knows if she chose to sleep with may have been an order..

Anonymous said...

much much better..I realized, after I posted my reaction, that I may have misinterpreted your original question and your intention was to solicit thoughts from your female readers..not apologies