Report Excessive Force, Get Fired

Ever wonder why more non-inmates don't break the wall of silence and complain about excessive force?
Because they get fired.
Now a corrections worker who actually did make an excessive force complaint about some guards says:
" I should have kept quiet" :

"Frank Preston, an education supervisor at the Newark prison, said he filed a formal complaint about the abuse he witnessed back in November and later sent the corrections commissioner a letter because he did not trust the department's internal affairs unit to fully investigate it. As the probe dragged into mid-March, Preston said he became frustrated and forwarded the allegations to acting Gov. Richard Codey. He was fired three weeks later. 'Break the 'code of silence' -- it's exactly what I did and I got fired for it,' said Preston, who is planning to file a whistleblower's lawsuit. 'I believe that I'm either part of the solution or I'm part of the problem. I should have kept my mouth shut like my wife told me.'"

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