Poor Little Bobby Steinbuch

Ok, allow me to descend into juvenilia for just a moment:

Robert Steinbuch got to sleep with this:

And now he's suing.

Only a republican!

No really, I kid you not:
"Robert Steinbuch, a staff attorney for a Republican senator, admits that he is one of six men referred to in an explicit web log, or blog, kept by Jessica Cutler, aka The Washingtonienne, a young Senate staffer. Other details in the graphic accounts of her partners’ proclivities and performance — two of them were paying her for sex and another was a senior Bush appointee — gave Ms Cutler instant notoriety when she was unmasked as the author

Steinbuch, is claiming at least $75,000 damages for a “gross invasion of privacy” in a lawsuit that sets an unlikely test for America’s First Amendment right to free speech.

Seriously, what
Clearly he has hurt feelings--after all Jessica describes him in her blog this way:

"RS cannot finish with a condom on. He can barely stay hard. So he ends up taking it off and humping away at me. Maybe I forgot to tell him that I'm on the Pill. Note to self...

I also learned that he was a cop, so he has scary police shit like handcuffs in his closet. He implied that we would be using them next time, which is intriguing, but I know I'm going to get scared and panicky. (Which would probably turn him on.)

I'm afraid I really like him. I like this crazy hair-pulling, ass-smacking dude who wants to use handcuffs on me. Shit.

Of COURSE he's a republican AND a cop. And he's (I just have to say it again...) SUING! Seeking refuge in the judiciary-- that branch of government republicans love to hate (until they're outed as flacid law and order perverts anyway).

Here's an archive of her Jessica's Blog:

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