Sneddon is off his his rocker!

What the hell is Sneddon
doing and why the hell is Mellville letting him do it?
The Jackson case has turned into a schooling on how a mad-dog DA with an agenda backed by a judge who seems to care only for a conviction, can consipre to pervert the code of evidence and turn a criminal trial into a zany witch-hunt. Sneddon deserves to be recalled for his antics and Mellville should be (and probably will be) reversed for his.

Most recently, after being burried by a witness he himself called, Sneddon called a cop in order to testify that the witness he just put up
(Michael Jackson's ex-wife) actually called him a 'sociopath.' That's great Tom--impeach your own witnesses. Gooooood.

When you get to this level of absurdity--the introduction of legal books from a 1993 raid, and calling cops to impeach your own witnesses, as far as I'm concerned you've gone over the edge from questionable prosecution to making an utter mockery of the system itself.


Anonymous said...

Would just replying "Yeah" be too much of an understatement?

Indiana Public Defender said...

I don't think Sneddon's mission was ever to obtain a conviction. It's an airing of dirty laundry.